When I was looking at the thunderstorm happening on Coastal Texas, this was severe, I noticed that my power outed.

And then what suddenly happened is that Slenderman popped out whispering very creepy noise.

And then Jeff popped out and vomited on kitchen table.

And then Sonic.exe popped out and smiled at Jeff.

And then I got ebola and died.

And then Old Withered Foxy popped out and I flashed Light at him. And then He disappeared down Hallway.

And then phone was Couch!

And then Toy Chica served my snack for me.

And then I got ebola and blew up.

And then Old Withered Bonnie popped out and I put on Freddy Mask.

And then Old Withered Chica popped out and hid Poster of Ballooning Boy.

And then as I wrote this Power Went Out and then Old Withered Foxy.

And then the Puppet listened to Thunderstorm.

And then The Flying Dutchman danced to the beats of THUNDERSTORMZ AND STUF

And then I placed Copyright Label on Old Withered Foxy as he grew big without house break.

And then Thunder.

And then I got ebola and went Lenny all over Old Chica and my head asploded

So then Chica got ebola and died

And then Thunderstorm cheesed House to Dead.

And then Chicken blew up and the feathers nuked.

And then a skeleton popped out and ate Texas. And then it later ate everyone as they died very bloody death.

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