One Day i got a Spongebob Disc in the mail. It said Spongebob 1998. Made by Lucifier. Spongebob wasn't Aired Until 1999. Its Pilot, Help Wanted, was completed in 1997. I put it in my DVD Player. It showed the normal Spongebob Intro except the animation was very rough like it wasn't Finished yet and it was pitched down two octwaves.  After the intro, it cut to black for 5 Minutes. then it showed the title card. it said Spongebob's Death. Then it went to spongebob. He was sitting on his bed, depressed. there was a prozac bottle. Spongebob took a pill. He was happy for a few seconds then he sat in a desk, sad again. he wrote, "Everyone in Bikini Bottom Hates Me. Sandy is the only girl i've seen. Even she is a just a friend. Squidward hates my guts. He'd probably he happy if i wasn't around anymore. Goodbye Bikini Bottom." Then He took all the pills of the prozac bottle. He Vomited pale orange stomach bile. He collapsed to the floor, dead. I Ejected the DVD and Smashed it to bits. I wouldn't want to see anything like that again.

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