I will never look at Thomas & Friends the same again after what I have seen...

I was in a good will and I found this steamies vs diesel’s VHS tape, their was no spine or back to the cardboard case so I just thought whatever.

Once I came home I powered up my VCR shoved the tape into the player and it started..

The Thomas Intro was in reverse and the sky was red throughout the whole video, I didn’t take much notice and I kept watching. The episode “Thomas To The Rescue” had no narration and it skipped to the part where diesel was boasting about his new fuel, Thomas had an evil grin on his face. Instead of diesel just breaking down he exploded! So did Mavis! I saw blood and left over parts from the diesel’s left and smoke was everywhere! It just ended right after with Thomas laughing in a evil way. I wanted to throw up but instead I grabbed the tape and tossed it into the garbage.

I don’t know If I could ever look at Thomas The Tank Engine the same ever again..

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