A girl named Scarlett has anorexia, and she allies with Slender Man.

The Pasta

Scarlett was in the hallway at school, being teased by some boys as always, "Hey, Scar! Why don't you eat some more so you're not just skin and bones? Ha ha!" and Scarlett, for the first time, defended herself, "I may be thin, but you're more overweighted than anyone else I've seen!" the boys who were teasing her looked ashamed, as it was true. They were heavily overweight.  "But, I-" one of them said, and they all left. Scarlett felt proud of herself, and went into her math class.

After she got home, she ate a scrap of a taco, and said to her mom, "I finally defended myself against those overweight boys who were jerks to me." "Well, I'm very proud of you, Scarlett!" replied her mom, "But you really should get over your anorexic problems. It can kill you." Scarlett replied, "Okay, mom. I'll try." Scarlett then went into her room, turned on her computer, and listened to her music. Scarlett was only slightly underweight, as she has mostly overcome her anorexia. She looked out her window, and saw a flash of a tall, pale, faceless, thin man, wearing a jet black suit and a blood red tie. The man was just as thin as her. Scarlett recognized this man as the Slender Man. She has heard many rumors about him. She did not scream, as she felt an urge to go to this man. She turned off her computer, went out of her room, and told her mom, "I'm going for a walk outside, I'll be back." "Okay, be back at 8:00." replied her mom, and Scarlett set off to find the Slender Man.

About 15 minutes later, she saw Slender Man only 10 feet away, and she ran towards him. When she got in front of him, Scarlett said, "Slendy! Thank god you're here!" Slender replied, "How are you not afraid of me? Why are you just as thin as me?" "Why would I be afraid of you? You're awesome! Also, I have anorexia, that's why I'm thin." Scarlett replied, and thought for a moment. She then said, "Say, you're as thin as me! How about we ally with each other and I become one of your proxies? Deal?" Slender thought for a moment, and replied, "Deal." they shook hands, and Scarlett felt herself transform. Her blonde hair became redder than blood, her pale green eyes turned into a piercing blue, and her skin becoming paler. She saw herself wearing a black jumpsuit, and said to Slender, "Thank you. I will always be your most loyal proxy." "You're welcome, my dear Scarlett." replied Slender, and Scarlett started running towards the middle of the woods.

The End.

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