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So I was a game tester for Nintendo in the 90's and I would test the games that would go to SpaceWorld. One day in September 20th of 1998, I recieved a package from Nintendo and the package said "for game testers only" and I recieved a game that hasn't been show that much to the public. It was called "Catastrophe Crow". I was so excited to the play the game and I put it in my Nintendo 64. The title screen showed the crow with the N64 logo and was walking around it. The angle went to the sky and title screen read "Catastrophe Crow" and it said 1998-1999 Opus Interactive. I guess it was supposed to come out in 1999. I pressed start to play the game.

Oh dear[]

So the game started. A black screen occurred and a message said "He has not been home for days. Maybe he will talk with you....." I was a little freaked out to see that. Now I can finally play the game and I was the crow. I went into the work place and explored some things. I noticed the eye textures look similar to Super Mario 64. I noticed another crow walking by and was curious to see where he is going. I found a giant computer and went in. I found a land where I saw giant toys and teddy bears. But it was a little odd because the land was cover in fog.


I did collect silver coins which also reminded me of Mario. I was walking into checkers, teddy bears and blocks but something is suspicious because there is no music at all. I went to some stairs and wall jumped to the top. The ground was full of blocks and I saw a man which was supposed to be the creator of the game. I have heard that his daughter died before this game. The creator was a crow in this game and was working on the game. I was able to talk to him. He said "H WQ HT ROEE" which was "I AM IN HELL" and I was freaked out about that message. The game froze and went black. I heard knocking sounds and saw a room. Then it cut back to the beginning. I saw a scare crow and it turned into the creator. I had to follow him and heard the telephone rang. It was so annoying and went away from the phone. I saw the creator again and followed him. I suddenly went through the wall.


I saw the creator in a black background next to a boat. I went closer and closer and then he sank. I had to go down too and showed bubbles transforming into white squares while the music is getting scarier. A white screen occurred and I was confused. I thought this was a kids game. I found myself in a forest in the game. This game was beginning to be more twisted. I kept walking into the forest until I realized I saw a grave next to the creator. That must be his dead daughter. I heard creepy crying sounds. I went up to the creator and the background and floor started glitching. The creator said nothing. The screen started turning and turning then the angle was facing the floor. It was hard for me to control the crow. I can float on the hole to the grave. It was also foggy and I couldn't see where I was going. Then I heard the telephone again and found the stairs. I went down but the game started glitching and the crow was having a seizure. The camera aimed at him and then two creepy looking crows came and got him. Then it showed the creator's house again. It went back to the beginning but instead I played as the creator and everything was glitching. It had the title screen music slowed down and low pitch. Behind me was the creator's house and I went in.

WQ HT ROEE!?!!!???[]

It was silent and I was about to enter his daughter's room. I was really disturbed by how the game took a dark turn. I was too scared to move the guy for 30 seconds. I finally moved him and went in his daughter's room. Then it showed a cutscene of the creator in his daughter's room. It wasn't a live action cutscene but a cutscene with the N64 graphics. They were both crows. It showed his daughter's drawings and the creator. I was freaked out to see what would happen next. The creator was walking closer and closer. It showed a hospital bed with an IV drip. It showed a polygon dead bird was no feathers and I heard creepy breathing sounds. The room started flooding. I was too scared beyond this point. It kept getting fuller and fuller. The music got scarier and scarier. The dead bird was washed away and a girl screaming can be heard. The game ended and my N64 turned off. I was so scared I had nightmares for 2 weeks. I shipped the game back to the creator. I was traumatized for weeks about this. I am okay now and I am over it.