Why does humanity exist? A question that has been a most frustrating topic among members of the human race since its beginning long long ago, and every man, woman and child has had their own unique answer. To the religious, they thought God had created mankind in His image. To the scientific, humanity is naturally superior in the ongoing race of evolution and survival. To the average everyday individual, the human exists for no other reason except just because.

Humanity truly is a very interesting creature. Centuries ago, we figured out how to make wonders of art, and how to hurt another with a weapon. Thousands of years later from now, we'll have mastered interstellar travel, and will have extended our existence across the stars, maybe even beyond. And yet, we have a lot of flaws in spite of our apparent brilliance.

For many centuries, we've prayed to an invisible deity, we've hated and raged against each other for reasons big and small, we've expressed absolute happiness and sorrow. We cowered in irrational fear and every action we've ever made spawned from some kind of innate desire within all of us.

Maybe they have their own unique reason on why we exist. Maybe they want to educate and guide us to a bright future, maybe they want to destroy us, see us as a threat. Or maybe they don't care much for us, see us like insects, and thus don't pay us any mind. Or maybe someone wants us. Maybe there's someone, or something out there right now looking at us, desiring us, like a child would at a toy store. Maybe they think the reason we exist was so they could own us.

This is a story of such forces existing outside our world. A unknown darkness, a nightmarish evil, that hungers for humanity. As you read the first part of this saga, you'll be taken into a world of paranoia, mystery, and madness as you follow the adventures of a single young man, who inadvertently thrusts himself into something unexplainable, and discovers parts of something that utterly defies all reasoning within him, and forces him into a desperate struggle for survival.

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