So This Was When I Was Watching A SpongeBob Episode Called Chocolate With Nuts But Something Was Not Right, SpongeBob Found A Magazine But It Was About The Death Of Squidward, SpongeBob Then Was Sobbing But In A Realistic Way Patrick Came, Saw The Magazine, And Did The Same Realistic Crying Like SpongeBob , They Went To A Store And Bought Chocolate And Chocolate With Nuts, They Were Selling The Chocolates, One Of The People That Is Supposed To Be Stressed Out Says "Chocolate!? Give It All To Me Or Die Like I Killed Squidward!" SpongeBob And Patrick Crying Again And Saying " HE KILLED SQUIDWARD!" Which Made The Person That Wanted All The Chocolates Had A Knife And Said In A Demonic Voice "GOODBYE!!" Then SpongeBob And Patrick Were Killed ,Then The Police Came And Arrested The Killer , Then Instead The Credits It Was A Dead SpongeBob And Patrick As Food And Floor Rugs. I WAS IN SHOCK AND TURNED OFF THE TV! That Is All.

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