Clockwork: The Original SeriesEdit

This Series was Created by Deathly Clockwork (Creator of the Creepypastas With no Limits Wiki)

Episode 0 (Pilot) Clockwork: Origins

Episode 1 Clockwork: That old Ticking Sound

Episode 2 Clockwork: Clock Tower

Clock BlogEdit

7:41 AM 2/4/14Edit

Saddly i'm not inspired to make another Story of this. This was lifted from another idea which was lifted from Jeff the Killer but soon The Pasta was removed. No one wants to join my wiki. I Have no rulez but no one cares. I will still use this wiki when i can't post it anywere else but I am just unknown. Anyone who wants to create a new Series of this i'm fine with that. I'm just not inspired, I might return to it but i'm not so sure. Untill then if you don't own a clock but you hear a ticking noise RUN!

5:33 PM 1/11/14Edit

Leon is Now offically out of the series as he ruins the Series in the fights. The fights make it less creepy and more actions and the Series is not a Actionpasta it's a Creepypasta Series.

Also i'm glad to anounce the Clockwork News. This gives you updates on whats going on Thanks for reading this Blog Post

3:36 PM, 6/11/2015Edit

TheDudeWhoLicksMustard is going to see if anyone is still using this piece of shit. If not, then she will go on a grammar correction spree, since nobody probably cares about it.​ If someone actually cares then she will not proceed with her plan, as she doesn't want Wikia staff on her  ass. :3

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