Patchy is stuck in traffic at the US 101 in Downtown Los Angeles. Then, his cell phone rings, and Potty warns that he is going to miss the new SpongeBob episode. Patchy yells at the person driving behind him for honking at him because he is trying to talk to his parrot. Patchy tells Potty to record the episode, but Potty tells him that he threw the Betamax machine in the trash, making him mad. His super rare eight-track also breaks. Then, the traffic lines move, but suddenly, he finds himself nowhere, and yells out "Encino, it's gone... No!" Then, he cries that this is not the only time a Lost-City had occurred. Then, he tells us that the episode is what we should watch instead of watching him suffer. Then, Patchy gets his eight-track fixed, but not for long when it explodes again and produces smoke. Patchy later gets hallucinations, and he finds a man dressed in a tall SpongeBob outfit who cries out that he is SpongeBob in real-life form. Then, Potty wakes him up after he thought he is back in Encino, which is all just a dream. Patchy begins to eat a sandwich, which Potty brings to him, but he finds mayonnaise on it. He tries to give it to a vulture. After this, he finds Encino shrunk to a very small size. Then, he finds Three aliens, which explain that their son, Norblock Five, was playing with his Shrinkatron again. Patchy yells at them that he wants his town back in full size, and he keeps saying, "There's no place like home." Sympathetic by Patchy's crying that he wants to go home because he missed the entire story, Norblock Five's mother gets the Shrinkatron given from her son, and she presses the big red button control, making a tornado disaster to fix it up. Then, Patchy is glad to be back in Encino, but soon, a giant Potty the Parrot crushes him into the house showing that Norblock Five had possibly once again used his Shrinkatron to make Potty huge.

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