So Half of This Episode was Unfinished like No Color.

so The Intro Started and It was Weird like no Color in the Intro and The Episode Started and It Said "GIR at the Controls" and i Said to myself that It was Probably a Cancelled Episode but i Was WRONG, and Zim Said "GIR Be Safe at the Controls" and The Controls was To Control Zim's PAK and GIR Messed It Up and Zim was in a Fight With Dib and Electric Wires was out of Zim's PAK.

And While GIR was at The Controls he Accidentally Pressed a Knife Button and a Bloody Knife Came out of Zim's PAK.

Then Dib was Shocked and Scared and Zim said GIR WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?! and Zim's PAK Threw the Knife at Dib's Guts and Dib Died and Zim's Cried no one was There at The Fight and Zim Said To Dib "I'm Sorry Dib" and Zim Went To GIR Saying That He Is Bad and Gir turn to Bloody GIR and GIR Jumped onto Zim Mentally and Eats Zim's Organs and Starred at The Screen for 7 minutes Repeat the Same Words Zim is Gone...and The Episode Ended.


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