you might know about red mist a lost sponge bob episode that many claims is fake but red mist is far from fake here is my story i work at nickelodeon in the back in the 1990s i loved my work there but had problems whit mental issues because of that they fired and got put in a mental institution for many years when i got out i couldn't find any job so i was homeless and i started taking drugs i was all ways bulled buy kids on the street for being homeless i that this i all nickelodeon fault for making me lose my job so i decided to get revenge on the kids and nick i called some people from the deep web to help me whit the episode i planed to make a sponge bob episode so dark that nick would get sued we decided to call it red mist you all ready know the story after we where done whit it we sneak in to nick and switch tape in the viewing room and left but nick didn't get sued they mange to cover it up of and the nickelodeon worker that told us about red mist got fired then some one from nickelodeon said that it was all fake i have made many lost episodes after to try to get nickelodeon sued and i want stop the end.

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