Hello. I’m Jimmy. You might have seen Jason The Kid (TJS) On TikTok by a user named tjs_offical,Right? You may think there was nothing weird about the series,Right? Well... There was an Deleted video showcasing an Episode that was deleted due to _____ and ____. The Episode itself Was only shown on 1 Single day before being Deleted,I suppose the User didint want to ruin his fame. How I know all of this? Let me tell you My story. When I was searching on TikTok for new videos,I stumbled on an Video Called: “Jason’s House”. I watched the video,What I found strange is that it wasn’t 60 seconds,But it was about 6 minutes instead. The Episode Started with a TitleCard saying well, “Jason’s House”. It was in red letters and an simple blue background with no details. There was no music or theme. Just silent. The TitleCard faded to black and faded back to show the next Scene. It showed Jason getting ready for school. Still,There was no music. Jason‘s Head turned slowly to the viewer and he said: “Hey Kids! I’m Getting Ready for school. Are you ready to see some more fun?”. Then It went silent for 50 seconds. He then said: “Great!”. He walks out of the scene Then it fades to black. The screen faded back to Show Jason at the sidewalk,He seems to be walking with that usual smile. For some reason,A run down building is seen. Jason turns around and sees the Building. He then gets curious,so he knocks on the door. No answer. He knocked on the door again. Still no answer. Jason then keeps knocking until the door opens up. It opened up. Jason then walked in and he heard the door close behind him. Jason didint get scared like he would normally be. He saw some stairs that had cracks and cobwebs all around them,The stairs was at the left,And the kitchen door is seen at the right. The kitchen door appeared to have scratch marks and a hole in it. The carpet was a darkish blue with stains all over it. The floor itself had a bunch of dust and dirt collecting up. Jason Walked to The kitchen door. He opened it,and found alot Of smashed plates. The Plates had fancy art on them. Also,There were shelf’s that had stains and holes and webs on them to. With a small black spider. Jason walked out of the screen and the next scene is an hallway. Jason sees a flickering lightbulb at the end of the hallway. The Hallway itself had cracks and holes on the walls. Jason walked threw the hallway and was in an Bedroom now. The Bedroom had a old time style bed,With blue Sheets. And a red blanket. Both the blanket and sheets looked dirty and torn. There were an old Picture that looked faded and extremely torn. It was an Black and white photo of an man in an business outfit. There were an ripped little plush of an Cowboy. The Cowboy was really a teddy bear with an cowboy outfit. The Teddy Bear was missing an eye,The teddy’s Right arm was ripped and torn. And the bear had a Badge. A yellow star-like badge. It said nothing on it. Plus,The Bear didint have a rope,So It possibly was a missing prop of the teddy. Jason looked around the place and then He heard footsteps from the hall. Jason Doesn’t do anything at first and assumed it was his fear getting the best of him. But then the footsteps got louder,And Louder,AND LOUDER! Now at this point A Black figure is seen here that has long arms with a big toothy grin with yellow teeth,It had white eyes with no pupils. And The figure was about to be 9 feet tall,in height. The figure slowly approached Jason and Jason Said: “S-Stand Back!”. The figure then grabs Jason,Then a few graphic scenes and images are shown that I can’t describe due to it being to horrible. The Screen then flipped upside down then went to normal a second later. The Screen would fade to black and There were no credits like in an normal cartoon. Now,2 years later,I needed more info about this. So,I looked online,not much results came up until I saw an article saying only a few copy’s of the Episode were sold. They were sold in only at Walmart in 2012,after the copy’s were sold,The Episode was shown at TikTok. Then the Episode was deleted. I went to Walmart a day later to ask them if they still have a copy of the Episode. They said they only have one left,But it’s not in good shape. I took it and it was an Dvd of the Episode. The cover of it was just Jason’s Face. It had no words or date written on it,Not even an copyright notice. It was slightly Torn and it was dirty. It seemed to haven’t been used for over a few years. I took it for 45$ an 99 cents. I drove home at my car and I wanted to Rewatch the Episode after some dinner. I Then Went to the Dvd Player,I put in the Dvd and I pressed play on the remote. It was the same Episode,and Exactly how I remembered it. The Episode seemed to skip a few frames. I heard some strange sounds comeing from my bedroom,Curious,I went into my bedroom. What I found was The Same Black figure in the Cartoon. I was scared as hell,So I ran out of my house and I drove away to the nearest Police Station. I told them what was going on,But they wouldn’t hear about it. So I drove back home,And The figure was gone. Later on after that,I checked into an Hotel just to stay safe. I Dont wanna go to my old house ever again,after what I just saw! If you ever find a dvd Like That. Mark my words.. DONT WATCH IT! JUST LOCK IT IN AN VAULT AND KEEP IT THERE IF YOU EVER GET YOUR HANDS ON IT!

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