One day, I bought a DVD copy of Star Wars Resistance on some black market. Except it wasn't a copy of Star Wars Resistance at all, it was a copy of Animal Crossing: new Leaf. Except each of villagers and animal resident had Kazuda's face plastered onto it but Isabelle was normal except for red glowing eyes. Oh, and it also had a dvd labeled "Kazuda.exe" in it. I shrugged and put the dvd in my dvd player (Don't ask why I have one) and pressed play. The weird thing was that it just gone to the beginning, no trailers or start menu at all. The episode started with Neeku talking to Kazuda about when he shat out his cat. The odd thing was that Neeku's eyes looked watery and sad. Kaz looked very emo in this episode, his hair was wet and drooping and he had a "my chemical romance" T-shirt on. Kaz then scratched his own eyes out, revealing two black and red hyper-realistic bleeding eyes and also an insane murdererer personality. Suddenly, "Numb" by Linkin Park started playing as Kaz went on a murdering spree. Kaz murdered people with a plastic knife. Suddenly, Poe Damneron from Star Wars appeared and looked at Jeager's ded body and said "Oh god oh f*ck!" Kaz was just standing there, shrugging his shoulders. Kaz then t-posed and said "I am Jeuse" Poe has intense fear on his face. Suddenly, Weegee kicked the door down and started doing the Fortnite default dance. Kaz and Poe get teleported to a Weegee Place. Suddenly, some weird stuff rains down and inflates them. I thought this was incredibly weird and thought this was made by three teens in a voice chat on some meme inflation server. Isabelle shows up and says "welcome to hell". And the Episode ended, I felt weird, crepped out, and turned on. Suddenly, I got killed by a Inflated Kaz plushie. The last thing that I heard was "I am Jeuse!"

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