I had just gotten a Little Einsteins DVD disc which read "Our Last Adventure--Episode 027." I clicked play on my portable DVD device and that's where things got really fucked. The Little Einsteins logo appears as normal, but with absolutely no music. Finally, the curtains opened up, revealing the clouds seen in the opening. But there was no characters. A slow pitched version of "This is the Moment" played while we got to see clouds scroll past the screen. Then you seen Rocket quickly past by the screen heading towards ground while the cast of characters ask him to stop. It scared me as it appeared out of nowhere!

Leo gasps "Rocket! Slow down, you are heading to the ground!" Indeed, Rocket was falling towards the Earth, like American Airlines Flight 191, the 1979 crash. He was followed by Quincy saying "I cannot believe it! Rocket is outta control!" Annie starts singing a tune of Ode to Joy based off the song from the first episode Ring Around the Planet which had a very darker meaning. "Ho, ho, ho, ho! Rocket will fall!" Then they all repeated as the screen faded to black. So Rocket had fallen...

The cast was screaming as it crashed into a farm and a real-life explosion upon impact, all to the sound of "Ode to Joy". Then out of nowhere the Curtain Call song plays as normal. Leo says "Now it's time for... The Curtain Call!" They then present the artist (Leonardo da Vinci) and music composer (Frank Wildhorn) and Rocket is not visible. Then the credits roll and I heard Leo sobbing softly, and shakily singing the opening theme. I never wanted to watch the disc again, I did not throw it away. I just hid it because my 15-year-old niece would watch it.

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