While at a discount store one day, Mr. Krabs finishes up purchasing multiple items from a 96¢ store. On his way out, he spots SpongeBob picking up a 100$ bill.

On his way home, he starts complaining how SpongeBob got a free 100$, while other people have to work for one. So, he decides to calm himself down, but unfortunately, he keeps having visions of Benjamin Franklin, and becomes obsessed with getting SpongeBob's 100$ bill. The next day at work, he asks SpongeBob if he found anything special, and if he can share it with him, only for SpongeBob to reply that he found a brand new day. Once SpongeBob goes into the kitchen, Mr. Krabs then makes SpongeBob check all of his pockets, and shakes him upside down. Dozens of quarters and several bills were drop and none of the were 100$.

Later that night, Mr. Krabs spies on SpongeBob as he leaves his house. He breaks into SpongeBob's house and ransack the room. SpongeBob comes in and notices Mr. Krabs. Mr. Krabs then charge at SpongeBob and both start a showdown. Mr. Krabs won the struggle but no 100$ bill was found. Eventually the cops arrive and arrest Mr. Krabs.

The injured SpongeBob later goes into the upper floor of his room where he pick up the 100$ bill from one of his bookcase. He had already suspect that his boss will try to steal it. The scene later show that SpongeBob had a collection of many 100$ bills as he had been collecting lost 100s as he can.

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