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[March 2021][]

Deathly Clockwork has nothing to do with anything

[February 2021][]

Death to the Admins!

[January 2021][]

Brave New World!

DIE!!! [October 2020][]


Hijacked [September 2020][]

ALLAH AKBAR!!!!!!!!!

Hijacked [August 2020][]

Kill Yourself! or Sucked Dick!

Hijacked [July 2020][]

Everyone Dies!

Hijacked [June 2020][]


Hijacked [May 2020][]

Lol this site sucked because of me.

Deathly Clockwork Entrys

Guess Who? [5:18 August 6, 2015][]

I have returned... and My baby has been left unattended... it's almost dead... i'd hate to see it go... it's to late now

Well... Deathly Clockwork (DC) is back!!! [7:15 October 2, 2014][]

I've got nothing better to do but return since i've been playing Minecraft for years and now it's getting boring. I still play it now and then but, okay getting off track but there is nothing new to do but read Pastas meaning the DC Youtube Channel will return and My Position as Owner will not change, thanks for reading and atlease caring

Goodbye Trishna Mengelie[]

For anyone who Doesn't know Trishna was one of our Original Admins, Her Icon was first Tera from Teen Titans and now she's... gone, She's not dead but rather Left. People move on and I've moved on too. This Wiki was made to give people freedom to create horror stories and to Attack the Evil Admins on the Creepypasta Wiki, my Deathly Clockwork Alias was because at the Time I loved the Creepypasta Clockwork: Your time is up. I'm Sorry to say but my Work here is done, I'm passing Ownership to another Admin, from now on she rules this place and follow what she says, Thanks for your support even if it was just a small ammount of people. my Youtube Channel is gone, and so is my job here, i've gotta do what i've gotta do. Thanks you... My Last Post here will be posted as soon as I finish my Last Pasta which could take a While so Untill then how about a Q&A As my last Post? Ask some questions. Thank you all

From Deathly Clockwork