It was 2004 when i played it. Pac man Xtreme. This is not a creepypasta, its a TRUE story.

It all began in 2003 when i was at Ebay looking for a pac man game and i found one called "Pac Man Xtreme" but it would not be in stock until january 2004.

By then it was in stock for only 1.99$ witch is a pretty good deal. By the next morning i got it for the PS2 and the cover had Pac man chasing a ghost that looked realy upset along with the usual PS2 design.

The disc had Pac man danceing with the game logo next to it with a copyright notice stating it was from 2001 and the PS2 logo at the bottom.

When i put it in the game a small green ghost apeared. Shortly after "A namco production for PS2 and PS1" apeared. Then i was in the main menu. I selected play and off i went.

The maze was fine but instead of dark blue the maze was green and the pink ghost (pinky) was replaced by a green ghost. The same one in the intro and cover. It was unamed.

The game was great including the ways the fruit moved like in Mrs. Pac man and the way the cutsences were new. The music was amazing too. It was awesome up until level 4.

The green ghost now had a face like the cover and the pac man now turned Red turning the red ghost into pink. Also the music stopped and the jingle at the start cut to static halfway through the tune.

The whole thing was unsettleing. Then i got caught by the green ghost. His face quickly morphed into a horrifying deranged grin and Ripped out eyes. The camera quickly panned in on him and played the most loudest horrifying bloodcurdleing scream i have ever heard.

The music now became disorted and the screen kept shaking while the maze became red and all ghosts became green as well as pac man turning white. I tried to turn off the PS2 and unplugging the cord but nothing worked.

I tried a few more times only to be horrifyed by the green ghost jumpscare but worse becuase it played a disorted violin screech and resonating metal.

The game then cut to a cutsence with creepy disorted music. "Should we give him a chance?" green ghost asked. "No! He needs to DIE!" Yelled Blue ghost.

After this the ghosts came out of nowhere and not just 4. Hundreds of them. When they all reached the worst green ghost jumpscare occured. His mouth was open releaseing his horrible teeth and gums. The eyes were now bloodshot and he was sliced open with organs falling out.

The next thing that happened was the PS2 showing a creepy sunset and shuting down. A few seconds after i heard someone whisper "the result of your actions...".

After this i went to the nearest dump and burried the game like atari burried their 2600 E.T. games. And above the mark i left i sign that says "be careful".

To this day i still have nightmares about Pac man Xtreme but the origins of this game remain unknown. Not even the internet or wikipedia knows about the game.

I know about the game, witch is why i posted the whole thing here and you do not beleive me becuase this is a creepypasta wiki. Well this story is 100% true.

Still i dont think bandai namco entertainment or Midway even released the game. It is unknown and i do not know if Pac man Xtreme will ever reach the lights of day and soiceity.

Pac man xtreme's long mystery might not Ever be solved. How? If bandai namco entertainment or midway did release this game, Why?

To this day Pac man Xtreme remains one of the most unsolved, mysterious and most messed up games ever released.

I tried asking bandai namco entertainment and midway if they made the games but none would awnser. After this i devoloped a website called "". was taken down after a week. Then my only other opitunity to tell you was on this wikipeidia. Please believe me.

If you know anything about this please comment bellow. the mystery Pac man xtreme might never be solved.

At least i am the only who knows.

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