For as long as I can remember I've always dreamt of becoming a cowboy. I was prevented from achieving this dream however by my smelly father who forced me to get a job sweeping the roads like Joe. My family came from a long line of street sweepers which makes me sick.

Working as a street sweeper sucks. I get paid in tomato sauce while my father gives the actual money over to 18K Triad whom he is associated with.

I one day plan to save up all of my tomato sauce and sell it over to the Kameal Brothers who run the Qui Chin. They'll help convert my sauce into money which I will then use to buy a horse. With my horse I'll finally be able to achieve my life long dream of becoming a cowboy.

Since my life long ambition is to become a cowboy as you might have guessed I'm obsessed with westerns and have a huge collection of western movies and video games. However, my most favourite western themed thing of all was the animated TV show Sheriff Callie's Wild West. Want a summary of what the show is about? Well that's too fucking bad. I'm quite a lazy dog and besides my feet could do with a rub. Maybe that will jog my memory. Know what I mean?

Anyways, I know that Sheriff Callie is intended for really young audiences but I do not give a fuck. It keeps me calm when I'm on my way like when I take the big medical entrance exam only to get a bad case of the runs thanks to my buddy Pang Wu giving me an incredibly smelly milkshake.

Now unfortunately while I had seen every episode of the show at least 69 times there were not that many DVD's. Only like 3 or 4 and they only possessed a random selection of episodes. I needed more like some kind of Mr Krabs. I had also began petitioning online to get the show renewed for a third series as the show ended in 2017 but nothing ever came of it. Until today.

It was the very end of January and February was only a few days away, I was sweeping the roads when an incredibly fat smelly man came up to me. "Hey buddy wanna buy this DVD?" The man asked. I instantly recongised him as being Four Finger Wu.

Four Finger Wu is an 18K red pole and a close friend of my father. Wu supplies my father with Heinz Baked Beans as my father is addicted to the beany taste. In return my father supplies Wu with spotted dick which Wu uses to make deals with the Smelly Arms of Magra an honoured society which operates above the law. Now that took some doing.

Wu had a reputation and a violent one at that. Known as one of the most dangerous and smelly men in Great Britain's criminal underworld, Wu was a force to be wrecken with. Though he was very fat he was incredibly strong able to handle himself in any fight. Though Wu was very dumb from an addiction to chewits he makes it up for with his sheer skills as an expect criminal. He was only eclipsed in fear by the awesome man known as Luca Brasi. This was of course until Brasi went missing a month ago. I wonder what the story was behind that.

Um... Wu began to rubbing the local butcher before saying, "I got something that might interest ya." "Oh really and what's that partner?" I asked confused as Wu pulled out a DVD from his ass. Wu proceeded to hand the DVD over to me before continuing to speak with, "it's a Sheriff Callie DVD supplied to me by my friend Johnny Buggerton. It contains a never before seen episode of the show." Wu said to the local lamppost who had been talking. Start talking cookie. "A never before seen episode really? Alright I'll take it! How much do you want for it?" I asked.

Wu rubbed his mighty chin of mightiness before saying in a gruff voice, "take it for free sexy!" "Really?" I asked like some sort of horny minister. Yes minister no minister. "Fuck no! I want 2 million pounds!" Wu yelled angrily. I was lucky to have that amount of money on me and handed over to Wu. He was so generous for asking for such a small amount. I would have given him more had he asked. Actually no fuck Wu he eats Kellogg's Frosties with a fork. A fork! What is this world coming to I ask you. "Good boy." Wu said as he began hacking Father Desmand to death with a meatcleaver. I didn't bother to help Desmand as I had a DVD to watch.

iI raced down the streets to my apartment to watch the DVD. I had decorated my entire apartment to look like an old western saloon. I had a portrait of my idol John Marston hanging over my bed. I also had a picture of Giscov Bell and Leopold Strauss on my sidetable.

At that very moment, my landlord Roland Ho came bursting in yelling at me for being three months behind on my rent again. Roland was an incredibly fat man with interests in waste disposal and buses for some bizarre reasons. Roland yelled, "You're always late. I got a lot of powerful friends including police constable Al Priss." Oh no not Al Priss! He once closed down McDonalds just so he have free big macs for an entire day. He also stunk like rat piss.

I explained to Roland that I was going to get him the money soon. You see my father pays the rent for me through his connections to 18K. However ever since I refused to marry an incredibly ugly woman named Fat Smelly Flesh Eating O'Brien my father has decided to get revenge by no longer paying the rent for me. I had tried earning a little cash on the side by moving into the business of musical theatre but Mang Daal shut down my attempts calling me a turd herd.

Roland sighed heavily before saying, "I hear you bought a DVD off Four Finger Wu right? That moron owes me twenty thousand." Along with being my landlord Roland was also 18K's spotted dick collector which is where he got the balls to mess with me. I am one serious force to be wrecken with. Well at least I'm hoping that I am.

I eventually got Roland to fuck off, and I sat down on my bed to go for a nap. I woke up a couple hours later and remembered the DVD which Wu had given to me. I decided that it was better late than never to watch it. I looked it over. It was just a blank DVD case with a badly drawn picture of Nolan North on it. 'Weird,' I thought to myself. I popped the disc into my Xbox 360.

The DVD showed no commercials instead jumping straight into the intro which I was A ok with. The intro was wrong. Well for starters Callie sounded like a man in his 80's. She didn't save Toby and Peck with her lasso and left them to die on the cliff side. Also during the part in the town square where Callie starts playing the violin nobody danced with her. It was just awkward silence with the sound of cash registers in the background. Also the final part which features Callie on the cliff side with Sparky had her fall off into a large pit of pot noodles

The title of the episode then appeared and it read, "Peck's Bad Day." It was read by Captain Hook who loves settling accounts as he is a major accountant working under Mr Badger who actually loves Mr Fox. Don't believe what the newspaper say dear reader.

Okay so the episode then started with Peck sitting in Doc Quackers' office. Peck asked, "so is he going to be okay then Doc?" "Fuck no! You huge headed asshole. He's got tuberculous." Quackers explained. I wasn't shocked about the swearing because in all honesty it made me feel a lot better like some kind of Uncle Waldo. Peck began laughing hysterically and it was shown that Clementine had contracted TB after running over an incredibly smelly farmer named Moro who was a sheep with a parker jacket.

For those of you not in the know, Clementine is Peck's horse and possible lover. He once forced Clementine to eat carrots after she had been out on the town with Landon Ricketts and Joe Barbaro. Peck was allowed to see Clementine who was in the operating theatre. Clementine looked at Peck who said, "want some milk old timer?" Clementine then died and Peck began laughing hysterically. I mean legit he laughed so much his beak began melting off like a slice of pizza.

Hysterical over Clementine's death, Peck went to the saloon in order to inform Callie and the others of her death. Callie was crying while Uncle Bun laughed evilly as he had secretly conspired with Moro to kill Clementine so they could lure Peck into a trap through the use of a horse named Salvatore Leone. Well at least I think it was meant to be a horse. The animators must have been drunk when making this episode because Leone weren't no horse. He was an elderly Italian man dressed in a three piece suit.

Callie poured Peck a glass of ass before saying, "this is terrible news Peck. Poor Clementine. We'll bury her tomorrow morning." That moment Uncle Bun placed his mighty paw upon Peck's shoulder saying, "I have something which may help you dearest Deputy Peck." Peck looked at Uncle Bun with an intrigued look on his face before asking, "really and what's that Uncle Bun?" "Come with me." Uncle Bun said as Peck did what he was told and left the saloon behind following Bun over to his general store.

Peck and Uncle Bun arrived at the store with Bun locking the door behind them. "So what's this all about Uncle?" Peck asked confused as Bun explained that he gotten a horse from his son as a birthday present. He couldn't ride the thing though as it was far too reckless so he had decided to give to Peck who had apparently already gotten over the death of Clementine. Peck agreed to take custody of the horse which Uncle Bun had named Salvatore Leone.

Peck rode Leone back to the saloon where Callie and Toby were waiting for him. "I have a job for you Peck." Callie said while eating Toby's smelly hat. Toby was also twitching and glitching uncontrollably as he really needed to take a shit because those milkshakes at the saloon were out of date and proper dodgy. "What's that Sheriff?" Peck asked in an annoyed tone. "Some bandits have stolen Mr Dillo's horseshoe supply. They've taken up to a cave just north of Nice and Friendly Corners." Callie explained while smoking a cigarette made of cheese. Rotten cheese I might add if you'd let me dearest dear reader.

Suddenly, an incredibly smelly man came on screen eating apples who said, "what's become of me ship?" Then the episode cut to a fat fucking bulldog sitting in a classroom. A woman came up to him and said, "I'm not sitting next to you you're proper ugly." The bulldog then shot her in the face with a tommy gun. Then one final clip played which had Sylvester Stallone dancing to the beats of Mr Neat. Say that's pretty ne... oh never mind.

Finally the episode came back to show Peck complaining about how he isn't getting any help for this incredibly tricky task. Callie yanked Peak's beak off with her bare paws before yelling, "don't fuck with me Peck. I'll got some business with Alberto Clemente and Luca Gurino. So deal with it and I'll let you stick your beak up Toby's ass." Callie walked off and Peck attempted to ask if Toby could help him only to find Toby taking a dump in a nearby empty water barrel as he could longer hold the urge to shit out eggshells.

Peck hopped on Leone's back who said, "for Christ's sakes Toni you saved my ass. Call me Sal." Leone began riding off into the sunset with Peck on his shoulders. The pair eventually reached the cave which Callie had mentioned to them about earlier and picked up the entire horseshoe supply. They then turned to head back to Nice and Friendly Corners. However during the ride back, Leone requested if they could stop at a nearby saw mill as he needed to pick up a loan from Mr Rambled. Peck agreed happily as he had a real hard on for Mr Leone despite only knowing him for like two minutes. Like seriously what the fuck Peck?

Anyway, Peck entered the saw mill only to get knocked out by Uncle Bun. When Peck came to he found himself glued to a small wooden chair. Uncle Bun stood in front of him saying, "well looks like Leone tricked you into falling for my little trap. Christ Peck you really are pathetic." "What's going on? What happened to Winston?" Peck asked. Uncle Bun laughed hysterically before saying, "I took care of Winston. He's in Lost Heaven with Dogeyes. Happy as can be."

Uncle Bun proceeded to tell a boring story, he had met Moro whilst on a business trip in the next town. Moro offered Uncle Bun the chance to move to the big city. Moro wanted Peck dead after his horse Clementine kept riding on his damn land without an invitation. Uncle Bun agreed happily and the two had conspired to get Peck sick. Peck felt a little sick. Uncle Bun laughing knowing full well that Clementine's TB had already passed onto the deputy. It was only a matter of time.

Uncle Ben then continued to explain that with Clementine dead they got Moro's horse Salvatore Leone to lure Peck into a trap. They would wait for the affects of the disease to kill Peck and then dump his body in Richard Fatchurd's ashtray. With Peck dead, Callie would be without a deputy so Moro would come in as a new arrival in town replacing Peck. Then Moro would pass on his TB over to Callie who would then pass over to Toby. So on and so forth. The entire town would be wiped out and then Uncle Bun and Moro would rob the bank. Using the funds to escape to the big city.

But then Uncle Bun did a strange thing. He turned over to Moro and shot him in the head with a handgun. "Fuck you Moro." Bun said evilly. "I don't need you. With Peck dead, I'll become Callie's new deputy and then I'll offer to guard the bank for her. I'll steal the bank's gold for myself and use to fund my escape to the big city."

Across town, Callie and the rest of the townsfolk didn't seem to notice Peck's disappearance. The following day, Toby arrived at the saloon later than usual having spent the night at Priscilla Skunk's place. They were doing the dirty business. How do I know this? Because they were fricking showed it. I made me sick. I threw up and then shat myself. It went on for 45 minutes! What is this world coming to?

"Have any of you guys seen Peck since last night?" Toby asked. It was Ella the corrupt owner of the saloon who had deliberately tampered with her milkshake supply in order to get the whole town sick who answered him. "He's probably dead. Good riddance I say. He's been nothing but a pain since day one. With Peck gone, you can take his place as Callie's deputy."

Toby then turned his attention to Callie and asked if she'd like to help him find Peck. Callie was busy making out with Tio Tortuga so she refused to answer Toby. She too seem pleased with the disappearance of Peck.

Back at the saw mil, Peck was being tortured by Uncle Bun who was making him watch Big Bang Theory in 4K. "Make it stop!" Peck cried out. "Peck!?" Toby asked as he came running in with a revolver in his hands. "What are you doing here kid?" Uncle Bun asked as Toby put the revolver to his head before saying, "Sheriff Callie sends her regards."

Then he did a strange thing. Toby turned the revolver so it now faced Peck's face. "Wanna go play skateboards?" Peck asked as Toby shot him in the face killing him instantly. "Let's go home." Woody said as Uncle Bun and Toby caught a stagecoach back to Nice and Friendly Corners.

At the saloon, Uncle Bun explained what happened, and the whole entire town rejoiced over his death.

To make an incredibly long story short, Uncle Bun's story had actually been a lie. He was actually conspiring with the town to kill Peck. Everyone including Toby and Callie were in on it. He tricked Moro into helping him give Clementine TB, and then making a master plan with him.

With Peck dead peace and harmony reigned through the town of Nice and Friendly Corners. Toby eventually got married to Priscilla, Ella went to prison for her corrupt deeds, and Callie replaced Peck with Tio as her deputy. She and Tio eventually got married too. Uncle Bun achieved his life long dream of moving to the big city only to get run over by a bus and killed during his first second in the city. Callie had Dirty Dan and Dusty gunned down for smelling like shit. For once Nice and Friendly Corners was finally living up it's name. Salvatore Leone then came on screen saying, "give me a call sometime Uncle Sal will take care of you."

The episode then ended with no credits. Instead my 360 grew arms and legs. My Xbox looked at me and proclaimed, "screw this I'm out of here!" The Xbox jumped out the window down onto the streets below. I gave chase to the Xbox chasing it down the busy streets on a horse which I had stolen from the local street vendor who looked like Rolf from Ed, Edd, N Eddy.

I was stopped in my travels by Dijon the owner of Dijon Manor. "Oh Merlock where be the lamp?" Dijon asked. "I shouldn't have had the smelly snails Merlock." Dijon said as my wifu Sifu appeared behind me saying, "run for the hills son." I did as I was told. I looked behind me to see Dijon getting the snot beaten out of him by Sifu. This didn't last long however as Sifu soon got ran over by a nearby SUV.

I rode the horse down the roads all the way up to a large house in Bristol. There was only person who could help me now. The Shadow Reader.

When I got to the door however it was not Shadow who answered it for it was his right-hand man Skyrunner SG-1. "Can I help you son?" Skyrunner asked half dazed. "I'm here for The Shadow Reader. I just saw this lost episode of Sheriff Callie's Wild West and I...." Before I could go any further I found myself in the living room of the house having been dragged in by Skyrunner.

He turned to face Shadow Lioness saying, "Lioness get us some orange juice." Skyrunner sat next to me on the couch before saying, "didn't you hear? The Shadow Reader's sick. He got shot up by gangsters. He's in the hospital right now, and with this virus thing going around. It could be months until he can get out."

At that very moment, Mr Walrus and Slimy Sausage came into the living room. "So what did Joey say? We able to take on Maniels yet?" Skyrunner asked confused. Walrus took off his hat before saying, "no. Sorry Skyrunner but uh Joey's dead. Rabe found out about him snitching to us. He handed him over to Mr Tong." Skyrunner poured himself a glass of homemade otter sauce before saying, "shit. This conflict keeps escalating day by day. Rabe's probably already got the approval of every gang in the city to come after us. We need to hit him first."

Lioness came in holding two large glasses of orange juice. "How are we going to do that?" She asked confused to which Skyrunner replied with, "well Lioness Rabe is clearly not upset about Neddie's death. Why would he be? A useless mouth off the payroll. I would have thought Salvatore Manetti's death would have hurt him more but apparently not. We need to get rid of Johnny Buggerton. Without him Rabe is fucked." "Johnny?" Mr Walrus asked which caused new recruit Mrs Moore to slap him across the face before saying, "it's got to be done Walrus it's got to be done."

Suddenly the phone rang and Lioness picked it up. "Yeah?" Lioness asked and her face turned green like Shrek. "Okay we'll send some guys down there right away. Stay calm Ran." Lioness turned to face Skyrunner and cried out, "The Shadow Reader is unguarded. BC Network and Tyler must have been snatched by Rabe's corrupt cops. Ran and Matthew need support down there. Maniels has sent a hit squad to the hospital to finish the job."

Intensive Care Edit

I had decided to pay Shadow a visit in the hospital being accompanied by Matthew Williams who was felt a little uneasy about the whole thing. Since Salvatore Manetti's death, Rabe had suddenly become cagey. He was probably making deals with the other gang leaders. Pretty soon we'll get the word that they'll up against us in a war.

Arriving at Shadow's room we could not see BC Network or Tyler Jamison who had been assigned by Skyrunner to protect him. I tried calling Skyrunner but got no answer. Dammit. He was probably busy reading Barney's Dirrahea again to the new recruits.

I walked into Shadow's room. He could talk now and appeared to be drugged up on homemade otter sauce. Shadow turned to me and asked, "is it true that eggs are better with the yoak Mr Poak?" "What?" I asked and with that Shadow passed out.

"Ran! Ran! We got a problem! Rabe's sent some gunmen to finish the job on Shadow!" Matthew cried out. I rung Skyrunner again and was surprised to hear Shadow Lioness' voice on the other end. She told me that she would send some of our guys down to the hospital to protect us.

Me and Williams fought our way through the hallways of the smelly hospital killing waves upon waves of Rabe's goons. Rabe had sent an entire army to raid the hospital! We managed to kill every last one of Rabe's boys and got outside the hospital to find it surrounded by police cars.

From one of the cars emerged commissioner Archie Colmyer and from the other emerged Sergeant Joe Galtosino and his new partner Frank. Frank was a corrupt cop on Maniels' payroll. He was also a closeted homosexual having a secret lover named Fatima who was incredibly fat and smelly. Fatima was also an enforcer for the Chav Mafia who were backed up by Maranzalla.

Colmyer had me and Williams held up by his fellow corrupt cops. Williams was restrained by Frank and fellow dirty cop William. Meanwhile Galtosino grabbed me with incredible force forcing my face to look in his direction. "Don't move. Not a fucking muscle! I could have you killed for this my little paisan!" Galtosino yelled angrily. His breath stunk like poo. Like actual poo.

Colmyer sighed before saying, "be patient Joe be patient. Right now you two you're coming with us to the police station. Ran you're fired from the force." I smiled at Galtosino's handsome mug. Yes I still wanted him in my bed. Shut up! "What's Rabe paying you to set Shadow up Sergeant?" I asked confidently.

"You little shit!" Galtosino barked as he threw his mighty fist into my mouth breaking my jaw in the process. I could feel teeth falling onto the floor and blood dripping out of my mouth. Suddenly some more cars appeared on the scene with Richard Fatchurd and Fritz getting out of one of them. They came to my side but by then I had already passed out.

The following morning, I found myself back in my own house tucked up in bed with a pork bun in my hand. BC Network sat at the edge of the bed on a wooden chair. "How you feeling officer?" BC asked and I replied with, "no need to call me that anymore. Colmyer fired me." "How you feeling?" BC asked and I replied with, "shit." "Well after you passed out we dragged you up to the hospital and the doctors gave you surgery. You might have a little synesis trouble for the time being." BC explained.

I ate the pork bun it tasted horrible, and BC Network kept staring at me with an intense look in his eyes so I had to keep eating it despite my stomach protesting against it. "Is Shadow okay?" I asked in-between bites. "Yeah he's fine. There's a conference this morning at Fatchurd's place. Think you can make it?" BC asked. I nodded my head, and within a second we were in Shadow Lioness' SUV with Lioness driving us.

During the ride, I looked out the window not bothering to talk to BC Network or Shadow Lioness. How could I? Galtosino had been my hero when we were both beat cops and content to be so. When Colmyer promoted him Galtosino showed his greedy side. I don't want to raise a family with that guy cause he'd train them to raid Hell's Kitchen with Gordon Ramsey.

Arriving at the house we found it eerily quiet when all of the sudden Mr Walrus appeared at Lioness' window, and began speaking to her. "We're in deep shit. After that thing at the hospital Skyrunner got more mad than ever before. We've killed Johnny Buggerton. Rabe wants us dead and all the other gang leaders are siding with him."

Skyrunner had finally done it. He had made a terrible decision. He had decided to kill Johnny Buggerton which seemed like a brilliant idea on paper. After all Buggerton was Rabe's right-hand man and personal advisor. With Buggerton dead, a great deal of the Syndicate's strength would be lost. But in Rabe's defence he had far better contacts than us and far stronger business partners such as Donald Sandler and Ewan McAlister. Even General Asquith seemed to be on his side for some reason which gave Rabe full control of the British Military.

Things got worse. Two days after the conference, two of our newest recruits Frankie B and Alberto Rosato were both gunned down whilst having dinner at the Qui Chin. Union leaders on our payroll were killed by the 18K Triad on orders from Four Finger Wu. The hangout in Croydon had been gunned down by Rabe's men.

The Great Gang War of 2020 had begun.

Recipe For Revenge Edit

Cramped inside an incredibly smelly SUV, Dorium Maldovar, new recruit Mrs Moore, Frankely Hott, and Mr Walrus were heading over to Maniels' Media to eliminate Johnny Buggerton which would as Skyrunner put it put Rabe Maniels and the Resistance on the warpath.

Dorium was doubtful and suffering from a bad case of constipation. Ever since Tennant James' death and his joining the Resistance, he ad become colder more bluer than normal having served as a protégé for Luca Brasi. When Brasi was killed, Dorium took his place as Skyrunner's personal enforcer but Skyrunner did not trust him as he had trusted Luca and never gave him any serious work. He had not spoken to Goggins since October and was sure that she had replaced him with his rival Postman Pat.

Mrs Moore was a new recruit having joined with the Resistance only a couple weeks ago. She had been a victim of Rabe's lost episodes, and desired revenge against the bald headed man.

Frankely Hott former hitman for the Faustin Crime Family too was doubtful. This conflict had brought his brother Notso in. He had to protect his brother at all costs. He doubted Skyrunner as a leader viewing him as a cringe lord. Frankely had never liked Skyrunner they had butted heads often back when Shadow was still running the show. Some Resistance eagerly await the day for Frankely and Skyrunner to fight.

Mr Walrus was sure of his ground. He believed in Skyrunner more than anyone even more so than Shadow Lioness and BC Network. He saw something else in the young man a hidden talent behind those funnypasta narrating eyes. He thought Skyrunner's tactics were genius. Killing Salvatore Manetti and Neddie were essential to weakening Maniels' power in the city and killing Johnny Buggerton was also essential. He did not get on well with the other Resistance members. Especially Dorium Maldovar. The two had a big fight during Walrus' first night at the compound.

Arriving at Maniels' Media, Mrs Moore distracted the two guards present by making them smell some smelly tomato sauce on a tissue. An old tactic taught to her by her grandfather John Lumic. The group entered through the front door finding Johnny Buggerton playing tic toe at the front desk.

Buggerton looked up at them and smiled before saying, "if you kill me Rabe will come after you with everything's he got. He'll kill all of you." "Shut the fuck up Johnny." Mr Walrus barked before continuing with, "you killed Luca and you arranged the second attempt on Shadow's life. I should have taken you out a long time ago."

Buggerton lit himself a huge blunt of weed taking a huge puff before saying, "like I said. If I die no good will come out of it for you. Rabe is already friends with every gang leader in the city. They hate you and your Resistance. He says one word and they'll be on our asses till the sun goes down in Sun City." Dorium and his cohorts pulled out Tommy guns before saying, "that's a risk we're willing to take."

Buggerton took one last sip from a nearby cup of tea before saying, "I met Rabe back in December 2018 and offered him lodging at my store. He introduced me to the art of lost media, and we started making our own lost media creations from lost episodes to video game bootlegs you name it. We founded The Rabe Maniels Crime Syndicate after Rabe explained the end goal of this whole thing to me. To take over the universe. Once Rabe has created another lost episode he will create a lost movie which will trigger the end of the universe. I was supposed to be with him when it happened. I guess I won't be able to now."

Buggerton took a long sigh before continuing with, "we've had trouble with you guys from the very beginning, That asshole Martin Green who saw that Special Agent Oso episode. That was us. We had him killed before you could get to him. We managed to silence the other noisy people who would have been vital parts to your team Walter Simeon, Richard Richard, and Thomas Jello. They're all dead. We've still got Rodger Lampton. I doubt he'll ever get free."

Buggerton then looked directly at the group before saying, "I knew you fools would be the death of me ya know? I wanted you gone even more than Rabe. Dorium you were supposed to die with John Claude but Joaxer blew that! The Shadow Reader was supposed to die in the attack. Then Skyrunner would have been forced to make a deal with us. We would have won. That's okay it's just a shame I won't be here to watch Rabe kill you all. I wanted you all wiped out when you whacked Salvatore Manetti. He was a close friend of mine. He went to Fordham with my son. God rest his soul. Now he's dead and for what? For The Shadow Reader? You're pathetic all of you."

With that Dorium said, "The Shadow Reader sends his regards." As soon as he said that, the entire group pumped every last bullet into Buggerton's smelly body. His head collapsed onto the front desk caked in blood with Frankely slamming his fist into Buggerton's skull in order to add one final crushing blow to the man who had kidnapped his best friend.

"We should go home now." Frankely said as he and the group left the store leaving Buggerton dead at his own front desk. They got back into the SUV. None of them speaking the entire way home. They rode in silence all the way back to Bristol.

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