I want to tell you about this episode Of Peppa Pig I saw once. It was so horrifying, my daughter, Lina, couldn’t sleep for weeks. Well, here’s the story. Lina and I were watching Spongebob when I heard a knock at our front door. I Opened it And there was a package. Strange, I tought, I didn't remember ordering anything. So, I cut it open and inside was a DVD That Just Said “PEPPA” in black ettering. Lina was excited because she's a fan of Peppa Pig. Anyways, I Put It In And It Started. There Was No Theme Song, It Just Cut Straight To The Episode. It Started With Peppa And George Playing With Their Toys, And A Strange Creature Walked Up To Them, It Kinda Looked Like Slenderman, But With A Cute Face. The Creature Spoke In A Deep Raspy Voice.

Creature: Hello.

Peppa: Silly Daddy! We Know It’s You!

Creature: I’m Not Daddy, I’m Your Best Friend!

Daddy Pig Then Walked Up Behind Them.

Daddy Pig: Um, Peppa? That’s Not Me.

Peppa: Then Who Are You?

Creature: This.

The Creature Then Ripped George In Half With It’s Bare Hands And Ate Him. Peppa Screamed A Realistic Scream That Would Ring In My Head For Days. Lina Was Screaming Too, And I Shielded Her Eyes So She Wouldn’t Be Scared. Mummy Pig Ran Outside To See What All Of The Ruckus Was About And Gasped When She Saw What Killed George. She Then Started To Reprimand Daddy Pig.

Mummy Pig: Harold, What Is The Meaning Of This?

Daddy Pig: I Don’t Know What That Thing Is! It Looks Like Somebody In A Costume.

The Creature Then Chomped Off Peppa’s Head And Ate It In One Bite, Leaving Her Headless Body Behind. Daddy Pig Made A Quick Runaway Right Before The Creature Caught Him. After 5 Minutes Of Running, Daddy Pig Hid Behind A Tree, But The Monster Caught Him Right After. The Monster Ate Daddy Pig’s Giant Body, With Hyper Realistic Blood Smearing All Over The Screen. The Creature Then Ate Mummy Pig Whole, And Waved At The Camera Before The Video Cut To Static. Lina Was Crying And Screaming Into Her Shirt While I Confronted Her, And 5 Minutes Later, She Fell Asleep Due To Pure Exhaustion. As I Carried Her Into Bed, I Couldn’t Get That Horrifying Episode Out Of Mind. Peppa’s Screaming, The Monster, And Everything In This Episode. I Put Lina Into Bed And Went Downstairs To Watch The Walking Dead.

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