So in my school, Roblox was the top game around for some reason. My friends and I were intrested in horror stories so we were surprised when we heard a myth that if we joined a game called "Blank" by a user called "Just die" we would get something weird on our desktops.

We asked the people what was that "something weird" was, they didnt know though. So when i got home,i searched up "blank" but to no result. I then tried searching up his name and going into his creations. I then found the game and joined it.

I found out that i was alone in the game and it was a puzzle type game. It started out with a weirdly peaceful,cheerful game. It started with a cute riddle that said "What is bigger when new and gets smaller with use?" I easily typed out "A bar of soap." and i was correct.

Then it got a little creepier when the pictures on the wall that were of a happy playground got a weird crimson-like tint to it. Then it stopped with the riddles and became a picture puzzle.

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