Once upon a time...Sandy was in her treedome. She was thinking about if he goes on vacation on the Goo Lagoon to spend time with the other fish guys and gals out there. She thought: "Oh ok, I will go on the vacation on the Goo Lagoon!" Sandy sits up in her picnic bench and walked out of the treedome. After Sandy finished walking to Squidward's house, She puts up her water-proofed camera out and this thing onto her eyes.

She saw what Squidward did...It was Squidward in the top of his house already commit suicide, which makes Sandy look confused. "Why did Squidward commit suicide?...Did he put a gun to his head, and cocked it?" Sandy thought to herself. And then, She walked to the door of Spongebob's pineapple house, and open the door slowly...Very slowly. And she saw something very terrible...It was Spongebob in his room watching some sort of a R-rated horror movie.

And then, something weird happened. Spongebob turn his head very slowly to face Sandy.

Sandy freaks out by the horrible sight. Spongebob's guts were ripped apart completely, like some tree sized sea monster did to Spongebob. Sandy was scared and tried to run and hide, but Spongebob said in a demonic and very eerie voice: "I...Heeeeeaaaaaaar...Yooooooooooou..." Sandy got out of Spongebob's House, runs to the Krusty Krab very quickly, entering the Krusty Krab, and closes the door behind her. What she was Mr.Krabs standing behind the counter.

Mr. Krabs was making money in a bit creepy, painstakingly slow way. "" Mr. Krabs said in a slow, eerie-ish way. And then, Mr. Krabs goes to his office and continues making money. Sandy got out of the Krusty Krab.

Sandy walked to Patrick's house. She expected something normal. What she saw was horrifying. Patrick was there, with his guts ripped out of his stomach, brains ripped out on the floor, and eyes dangling out of sockets. Sopngebob came, ripped out Patrick's ribcage, with bloody meat hanging from the bone, and ATE THE MEAT OFF. Then, Spongebob licked and ate patricks eyes, then his flesh, and the rest until it was a reddish tinted skeleton. Spongebob then drank the blood he kept in a cup. Sandy ran away from that gross place. She went to Goo Lagoon, and she saw brains being dug out of little kids.

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