I have been a huge fan of SpongeBob, but my true love for the show was Sandy Cheeks, she came close to my heart. I was messing around in deep web, I found a video called Sandy's Rampangeance and i go "Hell yeah!" I downloaded it immediately.

It started out with the normal intro. the episode title card read "Sandy's Rampangeance: The M0th3rfvck!n Pain" with an awesome background and art. I continued to watch it because Im in love with Sandy.

The episode started at her Treedome, She carries a lot of rifles and other equipment. She reeanacting the trailer from Hatred, that f*cking awesome game.

The scene later transition to the Krusty Krab were she appear in front of the main door and ready to lock and load. She then breach and started shooting up the place killing everyone along with squidward.

Spongebob hide for cover from Sandy but then a grenade landed on him and blow up, the kitchen was ablaze with napalm.

Mr Krabs come out and sandy immediately shot him and pierce his shell with blood and organs splattered.

After that massacre the scene switch to Patrick's house. Patrick was just chilling in his house, but then a machete slice his head out from behind. it was her.

The title card appeared "Several Months Later" however it was Sandy her self narrated it. the scene showed other cities from "Rock Bottom" and "New Kelp City". It also even showed shots of different cities which weren't in any episodes. Everyone was dead from those cities as well. It also showed different cities which weren't in any episodes. Everyone from all those cities most of the bodies burnt,decaptated or both. Sandy have killed every fish under the sea.

She stood in fron of the screen held her rifle up and said:

"I have purge this entire land and all of it's glory, I am Darkness incarnate."

The episode just cut right there with no credit, and im kinda bummed for having no ending.

But at the end of the day i do like the episode-gdjsgjkdfjeduiafaweefw

If you're reading this, I killed him. By the way, Im coming for all of you.

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