In the year of 2006, an extremely disturbing episode of SpongeBob aired on Dickedoleon’s DickLoons block in the middle of the night.

Not very many people were up that late watching DickLoons, but those who were were disturbed by what they saw. The name of the episode was "Sandy's Revengeance". It started out with SpongeBob is walking very gloomily towards Sandy’s treedome. His eyes are bloodshot as if he had been crying. SpongeBob finally arrives at Sandy’s door after five minutes and begins to slowly knock.

Sandy answers after the fifth knock, and she too is looking depressed like SpongeBob. Sandy lets SpongeBob in, and shuts the door and locks it. “Thanks, for coming, Sp-SpongeBob.” Sandy says looking very downcast. She leads SpongeBob into her tree, without saying another word.

SpongeBob opens his mouth as if he is about to say something, but stops himself as soon as he starts.

Suddenly, Sandy lunges at SpongeBob and strangles him to death. “Sandy, what are you doing!” SpongeBob manages to choke out. A few minutes later, Sandy ties SpongeBob’s dead body to a wooden board, and throws SpongeBob out the tree. Suddenly, Sandy seems like she is a psycho. She begins to scream wildly, as she runs to her door and pulls it down. Inside of the door is a power drill, and she gets it and runs outside of her treedome, terrified screaming is heard in the background. Squidward is seen lying down on the floor.

This is the last scene in the episode, as Squidward picks up a fork and running to find Sandy. Sandy however chokes Squidward with the fork and the episode comes to an end.

Most people who have watched this episode claim that they see a squirrel in a suit outside of their window, no matter who they are or where they live...

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