Creepypastas with no limit Wiki
Creepypastas with no limit Wiki

>They send us to our room

>before we're halfway up the stairs

>there was a big boom

>Shrek, fully aroused and naked, come barging to the door

>The whole room fills with the aroma of onions

>Shrek sees my parents still yelling at us

>Shrek turns on the t.v, seeing Shrek was on


>Shrek rips my dad's head off

>starts fucking my dad's head viciously

>mom gives out a blood curdling scream

>mom runs to the phone

>shrek does a major jump, with a back flip, and lands in front of my mom before she picks up the phone

>Shrek, then, shoves a onion down her throat, then shoving his dick in there so the onion could go down easily

>mom dies, after choking on an onion and Shrek's sperm

>Shrek looks at us

>"taek ur shirts off"

>Me and my brother takes off our shirts

>we're just standing there, stunned

>Shrek yells "GET UR ARSES DOWN 'ERE"

>We do

>Shrek tells us to bend over

>we bend over

>Shrek puts his big, meaty, cock in our assholes

>Sure the pain was excrutiating, but it was pleasurable

>Shrek gives out a mighty roar, giving out an orgasm

>Sure, it was painful, but the orgasm was something to remember

>He goes to my brother, who does the same thing as I did

>Shrek orders us to suck on his dick

>We do

>Shrek orders us to fuck each other

>We had to, since we both shared a love for Shrek, even though my brother started loving shrek just today

>Shrek tells me to get my brother pregnant

>so he rips off my brothers cock, but my brother enjoyed the pain

>It was like incsest, except my brother was enjoying my cock inside his brand new vagina

>Shrek ejaculates on our backs, its green slime was warm

>so warm that I ejaculated as the slime tingled my backs

>me and my brother get tired

>the room was covered with the aroma of sex, combined with onions

>we all are lying in a pool of blood, dicks, jizz, slime, and onions

>shrek gets up and leaves

>before he leaves he whispers

>"it aint ogre, till its ogre"

>Me and my brother will never feel the same feeling like that ever again

>Shrek is Love

>Shrek Is Life