Toy Story 4 is by far, one of the best fucking films I have ever seen in my life, and this is coming from someone who worked on it. I was an intern at Pixar Animation Studios from 2018 to 2019, with The Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4, being the only two films I ever worked on with Brad Bird and Josh Cooley.

Right before we were finished recording the final lines of dialogue for Woody and Buzz, Tim Allen told us that he didn't like the ending of the film and he pitched us, what we call an easter egg, and he came up with a bit that would suggest "Okay there's a way out of it", and we liked it and we liked it, but our answer was still "We're not going to go that route". However as a time waster for the past few days Josh and I came up with a lot of ideas for that so called "easter egg". We decided to see how far we could go with it and how sad we could make it, we just came up with so many ideas, some of them being plausible and others being a bit shitty. The last one we came up with,and the only one that really stuck out to me the most, was something that we both called, "Shut Down".

Shut Down was a kind of sequence that happened during the credits, where there would be multiple snap shots of Bonnie growing up as a she would progress in her education, and slowly get more and more depressed as time went on and on, which is a common trait in teenage years. The day where she would run away and never come back to the Anderson household would eventually come, and Buzz and the rest of toys would decide to strike out on their own, reuniting with Woody at the carnival.

Finally leading to the year 2022, a toy would join the crew and decide to reveal themselves as alive to the kid that Woody and Buzz would find for them, who would desperately try to convince them otherwise because they know that it would permanently destroy the relationship between said toy and kid, only to fail in the process. As expected, the kid would freak out, tell their parents, who would see Woody, Buzz and the toy, try and run for their god forsaken lives. Only for the world to finally find out that the toys in this universe are alive.

For a good twenty five years later from that incident, we would cut to a scene on the merry go round. Woody would look up at the night sky, still remembering how things really went to shit after toy stores were basically shut down and kids just lost interest in toys altogether, with the addition of Ipads and Iphones and technology in general. Jessie being the only one who hadn't witnessed this happen since she was already given to a new kid, a young girl with dyslexia, might've been a big victim to this.

After talking to Buzz and Bo Peep, Woody would decide that the best option in order to end this madness, would be to "shut themselves off". Finding a nearby Toys R Us warehouse near the carnival, the toys would run as fast as they can to the warehouse, into a large box. After shaking everyone's hands and saying goodbye, with a kiss from Bo, Woody would take one last look at the sunset glaring through the large pan glass windows of the warehouse, Buzz expecting Woody to jump inside of the box, wondering what's going on would jump out of the box, look at Woody, and before asking him, he realises that this might be the final time they ever have some form of life. He would take off his back, with his wings and karate chop mechanism inside of it and carefully place it on the ground. Woody would know why he did that, proceeding to take off his hat and do the same thing, place it carefully on the ground.

The both of them would take one last look at each other, before dropping to the ground and reverting themselves to regular toys, followed by the other toys in the box, who would do the same thing, one by one. Never waking up again as the sun sets on their final day.

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