Hello, I am a big fan of Disney Junior, I like to watch Disney Junior on air or on DisneyNOW. I really like watching Sofia The First because of the crossover with the Disney princesses. Sadly the show ended in September 2018. But there was the real series finale about my experience I will never forget. One day when I was looking for Sofia The First on DisneyNOW, there were no episodes of Sofia The First. I looked around the internet for episodes until I found an unusual one. It was an .avi file. The name of the episode was "Sofia's Big Mistake". I downloaded it and I played it.

The intro played normal but there was something odd about the intro. The music was distorted, Sofia's eyes were black and the screen was in a red tint. After the intro, there was no title card. It started with Sofia in her room crying, as if the voice actor is really crying. The screen went black for 5 minutes. It cut to Sofia talking to Cedric, she was tricking Cedric to do a destruction spell to Enchancia. It cut to static for a few seconds. After the static, it cut to Enchancia blown up.

This is where things get worse, it showed Clover dead. His eyes were popped out of his sockets, there was dirt on his fur, his throat is slit, and he has many scars on his body. It went to static again, this time for a minute. It cut to Jake, Sofia's parents, and Amber dead, their clothes are torn, their hair is dirty, and they have many cuts and bruises. It went to static for a split second. After the static ended, Cedric and Sofia's necks were hung on nooses. The episode ended.

I can't believe what I just saw. I was really disturbed after watching it. I contacted Disney and Disney Jr. about the episode. Disney Junior said it was the alternate series finale of Sofia The First. After my experience, I will never watch Sofia The First Again.

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