$o basicly there is this dude named sans and he found a lost epside called sokeward's sewer-side with his freind named thanos so ye, here the BS.

My name sans and me freind found a thing and we watch. It said title and we shocked!!!!!!! There was sokeward walking from a chewy crab he had gon 2 house and he had a specil gun called a ak-181718817 and he had shot the spunge and pickle rick for stealing his diamonds and then he went and kill sqirl tracer with infintyqq gauntlet but she explode into blood, when sokeward went 2 sleep, sanic try to get revenge on him for killing picle rick but he fail and get shot, he had saw the horror that he had done and looked at the camra and said "so ur aproching me?!" And had that jo jo symbol all around him , but when it stopped, he grabbed that gun he already had and shoved it up his a** like       👌👈. We then thanos snap it out of exist.

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