Recently, I aquired a sweat boootleg of "The Spongebob Squarepants TV Show"

I pooped the VHD in2 my 1995 VCR. (Only 90s kidz wil remeber #90s4yfe, 200s kidz are stooped)

it start34 out with patchee the pierit saying he wuz looking for the lost episode uv spongebob. heres where the episode got dark... he went to a park wher e there was KIDS. he went to the kids and started playing for no reason wit the kids

he dug a whole to look for a chest full of booty// that had the lost episode vhs. a dude who looked like a CEO at nickelodeon came oit of the chest... and PATCHEE KILLED HIMMMMM!!! IT WAS SOOOO DARK AND DISTURBBBING!!!!

there was a part wear patchee whent home and put the vhs into his player. this was disturbing becuz guess who else put a vhs into a player????? I DID!! IT SPOOKED MY SPOOO MUCHCHH. ITS LIKE THEIR WATCHING MY EVERY MOVE the footage on the tvg was just spongebob............. walking!! just walking. he kept walking. walking. it was s0 unsettling.!!

spongebob started shapeshirting... could it be that spongebob predicted reptilian shapeshifters???

patchee got mad and started tearing things off the wall. the tv started talking and saying that the reel lost episode would start playing.

thwn episode went in reverse!!! everything was normal in the real lost episode until spongebob fell into a truck on the road. IT WAS SOOO DARK!! HE COULD HAVE DIED!! :OOOOOO

i cant talk about the rest! WATCH THE HORROR FOR YOURSELF!

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