I used to like Spongebob. I always did. But, what I just saw scared the BEEJEESUZZ out of me!!! One time, when I was messing Go!Animate, I found a video from someone named XXX_triherdnooscoper_XXX that claims to have a lost episode of Spongebob. The download link was in the description. I checked the download link, and I downloaded it. Then, it finished downloading.

It started out with the normal theme song, but something was off. THERE WAS HYPER REALISTIC BLOOD EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or, I think it is Ketchup. Nevermind, it's ketchup. When the theme song ended, the title card read "Spongebob: The Truth" with a black background. I continued to watch it because I was so curious that I didn't even bother trying to stop myself from watching this piece of shittery.

Spongebob appeared in his house! He has black eyes and hyper realistic blood came out of them. It was so realistic, I didn't know what reality is anymore. Then, Spongebob told the forbidden truth of himself!!! HERE IS WHAT HE SAID:

"To whom it may concern, I am exposing myself because I have no life anymore. We are all living in purgatory because we are dead from the nuke that hitted here! I must kill myself."

Spongebob killed himself in excruciating detail. I smashed my computer because it was so hyper-realistic that it's boring. Spongebob appeared in REAL LIFE!!! "You're next!!!" said spongebob. Then, Spongebob killed me. My brother found me laying there, dead. My brother turned SUPER SAIYAN!!! THEY HAD AN EPIC FIGHT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!


Oh no, it Spongeboo-gdjsgjkdfjeduiafaweefw

If you're reading this, I sended him to hell. By the way, YOU'RE NEXT!!!

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