I have a huge boner for SpongeBob. I love him so much, but the later season sucks ass! so yeah. But I still fall in love for him.

One day I found a VHS tape at the f*cking landfill and bring it home. I later bring in ye olde VCR from my crappy basement and ye olde television from my skeleton filled closet. I hook the VCR to the TV and put the tape in.

OMFG it was so scary, there was hyperrealism everywhere and I can't take it anymore. I ejected the tape and kill it with fiyah!!! I had noightmayor from that.

The next day I got a disc from some @$$h0le and beat him to death. I bring it home and shoved it into my laptop. F*ck F*ck F*ck! it was so unbelievably scawy, there was like blud everywhere. F*ck! more noightmayir.

SpingleBingle come into mah house and f*ck me in the butthole. I've gone insane and I've lost everything.

I died and that's how I wrote this fettuccine.

If you ever find any of this bullsh!ts, please don't watch, or else you will DIE!!!

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