I thought i'd never have to see that, 2011, the year when Spongebob season 8 released, when we were reviewing the episodes, we found a box with a white cover art. We opened the box and there was a disk marked with pen and it said "Dead Sponge" we thought it was a simple joke and we put PLAY.

The episode started with the same intro, but when the title card appear it said "Dead Sponge" and there was static and instead of music there was a very annoying sound, so the episode started with Patrick catching jellyfish but Spongebob was not there, only Patrick, the scene repeated 3 times, after that, a black screen appeared with strange sounds. After 15 seconds a loud scream skirl...that scared us too much, the next scene was Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs & Sandy in a cemetery. Only 5 tombs were in that cemetery, but the one Patrick and company were looking at, said Spongebob Squarepants, the characters continued crying. Another black screen appeared with more scary the end,a scary Spongebob image appeared with a loud scream.

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