So it was 5:00 PM, and spongebob was on and there was an episode that was weird, it said Spongebob New Episode: teaches kids about weed. I was scared because my mom was in the room to see it with me and I was tanked. It came on and spongebob was high as fuck!

Spongebob walked to his house and set it on fire with a used blunt. He sees a package of blunts and says "Oh shit, hahahahahah! I'm as high as the shore! The cops are gonna bust me!" He hides the blunts in his garage and the cops came because Squidward got stitched after he snitched on Spongebob for the smell.

Spongebob hides in his secret basement where he has a disguise as Squidward and he goes outside with the disguise on. Spongebob goes into Squidward's house and Squidward gets arrested and charged with weed, Squidward said it's not true, but a flashback shows Spongebob putting marijuana in Squidward's coffee.

Patrick then goes to Spongebob's house, and they played Crack Wars, the board game where you smoke crack and you have to take turns defeating ninjas.

Holy shit, I was so scared my brown weed came out my ass and my mom arrested me because she was secretly the cop from the episode and I was Spongebob, I was Spongebob this whole time and I'm in jail with OJ Simpson. He forced me to drop the soap.

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