After One day I went ebay to search for some Sponge-bob DVD sets and I saw a listing for $300 i was happy and bought it, it came in yester day and I watching it. The opening intro played, and it was a season 10 episode. The title card said Lil pump kills Sponge-bob and Patrick. I was surprised because when you see all the titles cards, they aren't long. and i was very sad cause lil pump was in the episode apparently. it started with Sponge-bob walking to Patrick's and he asked if he wanted to go to the hood and Patrick said yes and they dressed as gangsta and went. When they went there they shouted bad words like the F word, and eating fried chicken--holy shit was it racist? Li'l Pump came up and FUCKING PROCEEDED TO SHOOT SPONGE-FUCKING-BOB AND PATRICK WITH A FUCKING CARTOON PUMP-ACTION SHOTGUN, THEY WERE FUCKING BLEEDING AND THE FUCKING BLOOD WAS POLLUTING THE WATER 'CAUSE THEY WERE IN WATER WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK DO YOU EXPECT, YOU MOTHER-FUCKING WHORE. THE COPS LATER FUCKING ARRESTED LI'L PUMP BUT HE ESCAPED BY JUMPING ON A MASSIVE FUCKING SKATE BOARD, AND FUCKING SHOT AND KILLED ALL OF THE FUCKING COPS WITH AN AK-40-FUCKING-7 LEADING TO A SLOW AND VERY FUCKING PAINFUL DEATH. THE GUN WAS FUCKING REAL THE GUNSHOTS WAS SO FUCKING LOUD MY FUCKING TV SCREEN FUCKING CRACKED AND EXPLODED ONLY SHIT I SHIT MY PANTS AND MY COUCH STILL HAS THE STAIN CAUSE IT WAS YESTERDAY DUMBFUCK BECAUSE THIS IS FUCKING GAY AND IT FUCKING SHOULDN’T FUCKING EXIST BECAUSE IT’S A DUMB MOTHERFUCKING PIECE OF FUCKING FUCK FUCK FUCKING FUCK FUCK!!! MOTHERFUCKER!! MOTHERFUCKER!!! MOTHERFUCKER!!!! MOTHERFUCKING FUCK FUCKING FUCKER FUCK FU-*gunshot*

Narwhal Ball: I ALWAYS HATED IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Nateawesome304: agreed

Polandball: I lost my vodka

unikitty: aaa

puppycorn: oh no I will die





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