I was at the supermarket searching for some music CD's, and I saw something that caught my eye, it was a DVD behind one of the CD's, it was titled ''Steven Universe - The Movie Directors Cut'' and it had the cartoon network logo in it, I brought the disc for 5.00 dollars, I went home with that disc, and I inserted the disc into the DVD player, I microwaved a hot dog and garlic fries, and I brought a bottle of Pepsi Blue, and I watched the disc.

It started with Steven's house, it cut to the inside of the house, it had Steven playing on his game console, until he heard a loud knock on the door, it was Peridot, she said she can invite Steven to the barn, and Steven replied ''Sure?'', then it cut to the barn at night with every crystal gem in here, there's disco music playing on the background, then it cut to the inside of the barn, it was Steven and Pumpkin dancing on some disco floor, and it cut to Garnet and Pearl drinking, and Steven came in saying ''How Is The Party?'' then, they both replied ''Good.'' until they both vomited and died, Pearl's gem in her head broke off, revealing a eye in there, and then Garnet's glasses broke off, and Steven gasped and said to Peridot she put something on the drink, Peridot said the drink was lava,

More to Come!

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