A few days ago I heard that my favorite currently running cartoon, called Steven Universe was coming back. I decided to marathon it, starting with episode 1. Conveniently a channel that I had never heard of with a strange name was airing the episodes in order 1 a day.

It had the normal intro music that I always hum along too but with minor changes to the video such as the "and Steven!" at the end was missing, in fact in the intro Steven was nowhere to be found and the title said "Blood Glow" instead of the normal "Gem Glow". I noted the gems looked like they were tired. the episode started with Pearl (The tall gem) crying hyper-realistically about Steven getting hurt.

This was the moment I got confused and said to myself that it could be a fan episode or an edit by a small channel trying to get money off of the Steven Universe property, shortly after around 2 minutes of Pearl just sitting there crying hyper-realistic tears, Garnet (The strong gem) comes in with Amethyst (The small gem) by her side holding something with a cloth over it.

As they lay the "thing" on the ground Amethyst, Garnet and Pearl all start crying, they then pull the cloth off to reveal the hyper-realistic mangled bloody body of a dead Steven.

The screen zoomed into the hyper-realistic mangled face of steven showing the hyper-realistic gory details, suddenly it cut to black playing the reversed opening theme with whispers saying "Steven Gone" "Dead" "No Return" "You will meet the fate of Steven" "Time to die"

A couple of minutes after it finished I searched up the channel at got no result except this site with text saying "Sorry viewers we have shut down. 2006", I also searched up Blood Glow but the only result was Gem Glow, That's when I said to my friends "What the hell, that was horrifying also the channel shut down before Steven Universe was even an idea"...

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