have you ever heard of the lost episode of season 5 of spongebob squarepants, well I loved the show and its comic relif episodes, as of now I'll never see it again after my experience. I was an intern for nickelodeon and I was the person who tested all of the episodes. when we saw the title card 'Super Barf' we thought nothing of it. That was a mistake. the episode started with Patrick walking over to spongebobs's house in the 'super Patrick' outfit. spongebob walks out of his house and laughs at Patrick. spongebob says "super Patrick, more like SUPER BARF". suddenly the music stopped. Patrick looked at spongebob with an evil/mad laugh. Patrick grabbed a sharp rock and stabbed spongebob in the eye. hyper-realistic blood poured out of this socket where his eye once was. spongebob weeped and said "Patrick...why...". I was heart-broken by this. Patrick replied in an demonic voice with "all who make a joke out of your lord will perish." I was brought to surprise when spongebob, Patrick's best friend was betrayed.

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