Once I wanted to watch some Spongebob Squarepants so I turned on my tv. I was in luck. There was an episode on right now and it just got to the last part of the intro. I was wondering which episode it was playing when I saw the title. THE STORY OF SQUIDWARXXXX. The background was Squadward smiling at the screen, although he looked more sinister then normal.

The bubblies flooded the screen and the show started. Squidward was dancing in his room when Spongebob suddenly bursts in though the second floor window. “Hi Squidward, Hi Squidward, Hi Squidward, Hi Squidward, Hi Squidward,” he begins to shout over and over using his goofy voice.

“I’v had enough, Squidward shouts, I’m taking the easy way out. Then before my very eyes he jumped though his second floor window. The show fades to black when he was jumping out. Then, words appeared on screen: This IS tHe STORyyyy of SQUIDWArxxxxx!

And then…

My TV melted.

Written By Skyrim90000

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