I'm a total Division fan much like no one else, I like The Division 2, but I don't mind playing the first. I don't think I've ever played hacked game server before, though I don't think I want to play any after the experience I had...

It started on a stormy rainy afternoon, I was playing The Division 2 (I liked how you get to explore Washington, D.C.) until I noticed, the sound of my door bell ring, the delivery man had arrived and gave me something and left as usual. The only thing in the package was a case for a copy of the first Division and a note. I took it inside.

I looked at the note first and realized it was from my dad. I know that because I recognized his handwriting.

This is what he wrote...


Son i can't take it anymore, and I was hoping you'd do it for me. I can't do it.

Please, destroy this god-forsaken game, it's too late for me.

Destroy the game, do it quick otherwise Trump is out to get you and you'll be in a hell of a lot of trouble. Don't even play the game, just destroy it.


You Dad Pat"

Well, that was certainly weird. Even though my dad was a huge fan of gaming,I haven't been seeing him online for a month, I didn't do what he asked me. I didn't think that a simple game would do anything bad to him, boy was as I wrong about that...

ANY way, I went up to my room and turned on my Xbox and put the disc in and installed the game. The first thing I noticed that was out of place was when I start, there's was at least 3 seconds when I saw the FBI logo, something that I now consider horrifying, before cutting to black.

Yeah it definitely was hacked, it was really creepy, but I wasn't scared (or at least I tried not to be), Anyways, shaking off the creeped out feeling I start my character selection. The game froze for about 5 seconds and I heard a faint emergency warning sound before cutting to black.

The screen stayed black for about a minute or more, then my game crashes.

Then i heard a bang in my house, it was the Swat team like in Siege.

Please help im currently pending for interrogation by the Trump Administration.

Bishop G Mouri.

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