it all started when i was 6 i use to love spongebob as a kid One day my dad got a dvd from a re saleshope ready to watch the dvd had one episode on it it was graveyard shift every thing was normal in tell it got to the end wehere in it instad of the normal ending it showed the hash sling slasher trying to kill spongebob and squidward he nerely killed them squidward and spongebob had cuts all over them and when hes just about to kill squidward spongebob blacks his attack and then it truns to 6:00am where you can here him say i will kill you one day and when he dissapers he looks vary much like spongebob i was really scared at this ending and never watch it again but later on after my 13 brithday i asked my dad where the disk was he didn't now to this day no one knows where it is

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