I didnt want to write this story, but after seeing this horrifying episode of Spongebob SquarePants, I have to write this.

It was a Saturday night and my parents got a Spongebob VHS tape for me to watch, but something was strange, It said The Krusty Krab Bloody Pizza on it, The cover was poorly done, and there was no characters, So I said to them "Thank you" sarcastically and took it up to my room.

The episode Edit

It began with the Spongebob intro, but Spongebob didnt appear and there were no lyrics, just bad music.So it began with Mr.Krabs just standing there, motionless for a minute, then after that, He said this


Which was strange. So Mr Krrabs called Spongebob and Squiward in a ear-bleeding way. Then he gave the pizza to Spongebob and then Mr.Krabs said "GET YOUR BUTTS OUT!" out of nowhere.

It showed the pizza and i wanted to puke

The pizza had bones on it and was filled with blood.

Then Spongebob saw a rock and started to run over Squidward, after that, Squidward was now flat, then Spongebob got out a gun and shot Squidward,killing him.

Spongebob said I AM SATAN and static appeared for a few minutes, when it can back on, He was at the door to the person who ordered it. The customer asked why is there bones and blood on the pizza.

Spongebob out a huge roar and got a knife,stabbing the customer. Static appeared again and when it came back, I puked.

It showed Spongebob in a room full of blood with the customer he killed, chopping off his body parts and putting them on the pizza, Spongebob then stared at camera for 40 seconds, the music was creepy, Spongebob had red eyes and he was red instead of yellow it went on a black screen, ending the episode.

Aftermath Edit

I ran out of my room real fast and was crying, My parents told me why was I screaming, puking and crying? I replied with "That episode was scary!" Then they said they will check to see why?.

I then heard a voice from the kitchen sounding like Tom Kenny and when I saw who it was, it was a Spongebob plushie like the one where he stared at me, He said in a demonic voice

"I got your pizza"

Again, the pizza was the one in the episode.

If you find a tape called The Krusty Krab Bloody Pizza. Dont watch it.

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