Good morning, I'm a fox. You heard me, I'm a fox who somehow shut down 3 companies. Well, To me it's kind of a hard job. After doing weird things I do a lot like dancing in a supermarket, Stealing a lot of cooked chicken and much more, I had a weird experience with a Mega Man video game that came out in 2000. (Perhaps)

This is the story, I broke up with my wife Ms Fox after she was done with me stealing stuff that belonged to humans. And now I live in a world full of people.

Life was fine over there, I liked playing video games such as Marvel vs Capcom 3 and plenty more. But, There was a messed up copy of The Misadventures of Tron Bonne featuring the Teletubbies that I somehow forget looking at. This all happened when I was at a Mcdonalds eating some Cheeseburgers with no pickles and onions, Fries, Chicken Mcnuggets and a Coke.

I was on the phone with my divorced wife and later on my friend Neddie. While talking on the phone with them, I heard a voice that shouted, "Romulox!" I peered down to see what appeared to be my coke talking to me. What even was this? Aqua Teen Hunger Force? I had some clue, It was definitely Master Shake by looking at his face.

Later that evening, I turned on the TV to find something interesting. There was an advertisement for a video game called The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. That was odd because they don't show that much advertisements for MegaMan games.

The next day I went to GameStop and bought the game. To my surprise, The copy was only 9.99. Why would they sell me the game this cheap? Oh well, At least it didn't go in my bills. When I turned the game on, I noticed the title screen instead said, "Tron Bonne and Teletubbies: Animal Parade Madness." Why the fuck would they name it that? Were the employees at GameStop fooling me or some shit?

I played it for a good view. The game started with Tron Bonne sitting at the Teletubbies table reading a book and eating Tubby Toast. She looked at the camera and said, "Oh, Hello there! I'm visiting the teletubbies this week, I noticed that it's magical event week. Let's take a look at the calendar and see what we've got here."

I looked at the calendar and it said the following:

"Monday: Animal Parade - Animals such as Tigers, Penguins, Snakes, Elephants, Flamingos, Butterflies, Turtles, Giraffes and Frogs will be marching as a parade.

Tuesday: The Three Ships - Water will rise in Teletubbyland revealing three boats honking horns all the time.

Wednesday: The Dancing Bear - A carousel will land from the sky revealing a tap dancing bear.

Thursday: The Magic House - A pink 2 story house will appear out of nowhere revealing a singing french man.

Friday: The Lion and the Bear - There will be a play featuring a Bear and Lion on wheels."

I guess I would be like leading the magical events. I never played this version anyway. That was when something really disturbing and quite funny happened. It cuts to a young girl in a red T shirt lying in the middle of the road. She was having a seizure like she had just seen a flashing video. She just lied there, unaware of a oncoming truck. Then the truck somehow goes off the road. I paused it to grab some doritos and mountain dew. I felt really worried after witnessing what I just watched. I continued the game.

The next scene showed Tron picking up a strange book titled “How To Hunt A Tiger.” By the way, Tron Bonne is for some reason 14 years old. Yeah, it was rather strange. The concept of the book seemed, rather strange. A little different from many other books. “This is a really great tutorial book.” Tron stripped completely naked and got a radio playing Shake Senora dancing around, while still whispering. The children in the Painting With Our Hands And Feet segment in Teletubbies are staring at her. Some begin to put their hands in their pants and jack it as Tron switched the song to I Like To Move It.

I began to get a little disgusted out as Tron kept dancing. The children begin to whisper in the background. “What are you smart ass motherfuckers doing here?” Tron yells. There’s a lot of panicked yelling as she stops dancing and then the scene immediately cuts to Tron teaching kids art school.

“Let’s learn about Christmas children!” Tron exclaimed. “We love christmas!” The children exclaimed. She invites the children into a classroom and shows them a variety of presents, and even some hannukah candle. The children are shown opening presents, first a Lego City set, then paper towels, then three markers and an Avengers sketchbook.

“And every year, santa comes down the chimney, and leaves legos under the tree!” Tron exclaimed. “We love legos!” The kids exclaims. “I love legos too!” Tron exclaims. “And you know what, Let’s sing a song about Legos and Rivers!” Tron exclaims. He starts to sing a long song about a man falling into the river in Lego City.

The song was sang in a weird language choir.

"A man has fallen into the river in LEGO City! Start the new rescue helicopter! HEY! Build the helicopter, and off to the rescue! Prepare the lifeline, lower the stretcher, and make the rescue! The new emergency collection from LEGO City."

The game cut to a loading screen. Next it showed the windmill spinning revealing that it was magical event time. I wasn't quite joining the Teletubbies, My task for the mission was to hunt all the animals and make the Teletubbies scared.

So I did, Then after that, Tron looked at the camera and said, "Now that we killed all the animals, We're also going to destroy boats, Blow up a house, Assasinate a lion and bear, And smash a carousel!" I don't want to play the rest. I got up and took the game out of my Play Station and sold it to Goodwill.

Meanwhile on my way to the park, A vehicle from Team America pulled up. The window went down to reveal Chris and Joe in there. I asked them if I did something wrong. I didn't. They said that they're on the lookout for Tron Bonne for child pornography.

I told them she's somewhere in England and the vehicle automatically turned into a plane. To be honest, The whole game was almost about child pornography and etc.

A few days later, I was watching Monsters Vs Aliens (The TV series) on Nicktoons when all of a sudden I got a knock on the door. When I opened it up, There were 4 girls that all had their name start with Ashley. They claimed that I was cute and needed a makeover. The blonde girl walked up to me but I slammed the door on her foot and told them to fuck off before I called the police.

But I was later put in jail for 3 days for child abuse. I wish I never came across that game. But I have. And now, I don't like Megaman anymore.

Because those things have always sucks anyway.

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