A women named Greta has obesity, and she's with Potato.

The Hash Brown Edit

Greta was in the hallway at the daycare, being teased by some manchild as always, "Hey, Bitch! Why don't you eat some more? Ha ha!" and she did exactly that. the manchild who were teasing her were ashamed, as they were anorexic. and they all left. Greta felt proud of herself, and went into her gender class.

After she got home, she ate a large of a taco, and said to her mom, "Those anorexic boys are jerks." "Well, I'm very proud of you, Greta!" replied her mom. " Greta then went into her room, turned on her computer, and listened to her music. She looked out her window, and saw a giant potato. The potato was just as big as her. Greta recognized this potato, She has heard many rumors about it. She did not scream, as she felt an urge to go to this potato. She turned off her computer, went out of her room, and told her mom, "I'm going for a walk outside." "Okay." replied her mom, and Greta set off to find the potato.

Later, she saw the potato only few feet away, and she ran towards it. When she got in front of it, Greta said, "Thank goodness you're here!" the potato replied, "How are you not afraid of me? Why are you just as humongous as me?" "Why would I be afraid of you? You're delicious! Also, I have obesity, that's why I'm fat." Greta replied, and thought for a moment. She then said, "Say, you're as big as me! How about i join you and become one of your imperial servant? Deal?" the potato thought for a moment, and replied, "Deal." Greta felt herself transform. and said to the potato, "Thank you. I will always be your most loyal servant." "You're welcome, my dear Greta." replied the potato, and Greta started running in towards the portal.


Im going to commit sudoku.

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