Trelpesta: Any Page Archived from the LOLpasta wiki

Memepasta: Any Pasta wrote here for the purpose of Comedy

NO! I don't want that!: any page that needs to be deleted

DIS SUX: any Memepasta that is of low quality

Creepypasta trying hard to be serious but failing massively: any Archived Crappypasta

Expluhsun: Any story were Explosions occur.

MEH OC WILL GET REVENGHE: Any Story where the author complained due to their Crappypasta or Trelpesta was deleted.

Bleff the Biller: Any Story with a Jeff the Killer OC

MAREY SUUUU: Any Story with Mary Sues.

Ster wirs: Any Story having to do with Star Wars.

DON'T SLONDER MEH: Any Story with Slenderman

Shrersh: Any Story with the All-Star himself.

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!: Any Story with Sonic or Sonic characters.

Excusemewutthefuck: Any Story that takes place in Fallout

BRONIE FOR LIEF: Any Story that takes place in MLP.

TOUCH MY PINGAS: Any Story that is not to be read in a kid-friendly enviroment.

WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY TO ME YOU LITTLE SHIT?: Any Story where swears are used

WHAT A TWEEEEST: Any Story with Twists in the Middle or Beginning.

The End- OH NOES: Any Story with a twist at the very end.

SANIC.WPD: Any Story where Sonic.exe is a character.

MALLEO TOM: Any Story where Mario or Mario characters are in it

VANCE BEN FELL DOWN THE WELL!: Any Story where Ben Drowned is a character.

YOU THOUGHT IT WAS THE AUTHOR, BUT IT WAS I, FREDY: Any Story where the Author Dies.


ORIGAN STORIE: Any Story that explains the origins of a creepypasta/trollpasta character. (Not a character created by that same story, but one explaining a different pasta.)

Coherency? What's that?: Any Story that is just random.

Real life? What's that?: Any Story that takes place in a fake universe

JEFY: Any Story with Jeff the Killer.

Minecrap: Any Story that has something to do with Minecraft

If I controlled rewind...: Any Story that has something to do with Fortnite.

Do I smell a JoJo reference?: Any Story that as anything to do with JoJo's Bizarre adventure.

Spingebill: Any Story with Spongebob or any of it's characters

Me is no smart: Any Story with Bad English

lolwut: Any Story that just. Doesn't make sense.

ENGLISH SUX! I SPEAK PIG: Any Story with Absymal English.

Say w0t m8?: Any Story that makes a bit of sense, but still, doesn't make sense.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!: Any Story where the Main character is an Idiot.

YOU ARE DED! NO BIG SURPRISE: Any Story where someone other than the main character dies. (Excluding the villain.)

I won! =D: Any story where the main character defeats the villain

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's the Death Star-: Any Story where everyone dies.

REEEE: Any Story which is a rant

BUT DAT'S JUST A THERY: Any Story that is a Theory.

That's pretty good-: Any Story which isn't actually that bad

Lists: Self-Explanitory

Actual English: Stories with Satisfactory English

JOEKS: Stories with Jokes

PUNZ: Any story with Plays on words.

Overused running Gag: Any Story that beats a dead joke.

SPOOKIE SKURY SKOLTONZ: Any story with skeletons that don't pop out.

Where's FREDY?: Any story where a skeleton pops out.

I'm slightly hungry: Any story involving the infamous pumkin.

Ultra-Realisitic: Any story with the word Realistic used to describe something.

Blood: Any story with blood, or characters bleed.

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