Deathly Clockwork

aka RadDevVan101

Bureaucrat Founder
  • I live in In the dark world of a demons Imagination
  • I was born on January 30
  • My occupation is Stalking you and listening to your breathing
  • I am The unknown have no gender. I live as the being that is never known.

Hello, I am a Gay Motherfucker of this here trash-ass Wiki. I am Not as Active here and thank god for that... I was really fucking cancerous........ Remember our Motto "Quality Doesn't Matter, we'll host anything and everything to fuel my petty vengeance against Creepypasta WIki because they deleted my ass story". It's not our Official Motto but what are you going to do, fuck me in the ass with a pinecone, I don't visit the Chat or any orgies, thanks and fuck off

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